de l’ermitage de pourville

Pourville is a nice fisherman village, far from city’s noise and tourism, in between cliffs and country landscapes, perfect to find rest and well being.

After many years in Paris, Evelyne decide to avail her family house located on that seaside and share it with women and men that wish to get out of everyday life.

Yoga is a unique and personal experience for each us but it would be nice to gather in Ermitage Pourville, people who happen to be yogi’s and curious. It may help to promote happiness through relaxation, meditation, physical exercice, healthy food and exchanges.


At Pourville Ermitage, You can participate in yoga retreats with a variety of benefits, including : discipline, realignment, reenergisation, and overall wellbeing of your body and mind.  

This will be achieved through daily yoga sessions (5 hours total), pranayama, asanas, meditation. There are also opportunities to participate in workshops such as painting, olfactive training, and writing lessons. All of these practices work towards balancing your mind, body, and spirit.

The teachers have been carefully chosen during Evelyne’s travels around the world.

How to come at Ermitage de Pourville ?

Easy from Paris, 2 hours

2h10 by train

Departure from Saint Lazare train station (Paris) Direction Dieppe

1h45 by car

Departure from Porte d'Auteuil (Paris) heading to Rouen using "A13" highway

Our Bed & Breakfast is also...

Taking care of your body
& yoga lessons

Eating local or

Lighting your spirit
and breath

Contact and access

Ermitage de Pourville

76550 Pourville-sur-mer